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There are excellent scuba diving reefs along much of Tanzanian coastline. Since there is no diving conducted from shore the trips to Maziwe Island Marine Reserve and the surrounding reefs Fungu Datcha, Fungu Ushongo, Masera and Kipumbwe Reefs are on a traditional Dhow.

Our skipper Rajabu will take us to the best sites where you dive in a rich and healthy coral garden surrounded by colourful tropical reef fishes. Watch out for Lui the resident green turtle and Ralph the napoleon wrasse. Enjoy a surface interval on Maziwe Island, where the colour of the water around is in various hues of blue. The sandbank is the perfect place to relax and let the time pass by before you get ready for another under water adventure! Our Dive boat leaves the beach around eight in the morning and a double tank dive trip takes about 5 hours.

We offer Scuba Tune up courses for those who have not been diving within the last year.  
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Dive	Price in US$	
1 day package - 2 dives	120,00	
2 day package - 4 dives	235,00	
3 day package - 6 dives	345,00	
4 day package - 8 dives	450,00	
5 day package - 10 dives	550,00
Single supplement  60 per day
(not included Marine Park Fee12,00)

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